What Should You know About a Men’s Tuxedo?

What is a tuxedo? The presence of satin is one of the major differences between tuxedos and the ordinary suits. In tuxedos, satin is present on either the jacket or a satin stripe on the trousers. Most business suits have notch lapels while tuxedos have either peak or shawl lapels. Tuxedos can be worn with waistcoats and cummerbunds.A tuxedo is worn with bow ties.

Most tuxedos are black in color, however, modern designshave introduced a variety of tuxedo colors. A tuxedo is a perfect outfit for a wedding (and with wedding season fast approaching it is the perfect time to get one.) or if you have a gala to attend. However, there is a lot you must know in order to pull off the perfect tuxedo look. You must understand the fundamentals:

  1. The classic tux – the tuxedo has been a component of formal wear since early 19th century. The classic tuxedo follows the traditional design tuxedo very similar to the suit except for the following differences:
  • The lapels are either peak or shawl and are made of a different fabric to the suit.
  • Has killer buttons usually satin just like the lapel.
  • Made of light woven fabric.
  • The trousers have a stripe of satin on the sides.
  1. The shawl tuxedo – has no peaks nor does it have any notches. Has one smooth oblong satin lapel. It more of a modern tuxedo design. Very popular for black tie events.
  • The classic tuxedo shirt – a tuxedo is never complete without the right shirt. The tuxedo shirt has evolved in design over the years. The front panel still comes in heavier cotton than the rest of the shirt. The tuxedo shirt can have pleats or ruffles (for older designs.). A tux shirt should have a French packed to give it the correct formal look.

white tuxedos.jpg

What Should You know About a Men’s Tuxedo?

  • It better to buy rather than rent – renting a tuxedo always looks economical for a man who only has to attend one black tie event in a decade but one thing is for sure a rented tuxedo will never fit you right. To stand out from a crowd you need to invest in a well fitted tailored tuxedo. Today you can easily buy mens tuxedo online at fashionsuitoutlet.com then have it fitted and cut to your fix by a local tailor.
  • Get the fit right – only buy a tux that fits you correctly that is for both the jacket and the trousers and other details of the tuxedo secondary requirements that can be fixed but get the tux fit correct! Ensure the jacket shoulders fit right and that the jacket easily closes, not too tight and not too lose.
  • Buy a tux that compliments your body type – the mid notch, shawl or peak lapel is perfect of tall athletic body shapes. While the lapel shape and notch are perfect men carrying some excess weight and the peak is for men with elongated body shapes.
  • The shirt is very important -only where a tux shirt with a tuxedo. Winged collars are for white tie only otherwise just go for the turned down shirt.

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