Men’s Casual Coats & Men’s Blazers

Casual coats were originally worn by a sporting man.  A sporting coat should always fit loose enough to allow for layering underneath. The loose fit of the Casual jacket allows one to wear a sweater underneath.

The fabric of a Casual coat

A Casual coat is meant to look more rugged than a suit and the blazer, as such fabrics were used. The most fabric used in men’s Casual coats include tweeds such as hound tooth and Donegal. Other fabrics that have a rough and napped texture may also be used to make Casual coats. Most of the above fabrics come in shades of brown, green, gray and blue.

The following are the elements to look for while purchasing a Casual coat:

  1. Casual coat should have a fabric that allows one to breathe-many mens casual coats are made of polyester/wool blend; however, some are manufactured out of cotton and other materials that are more forgiving.
  2. The client should pick a coat that can wear year-round- Fortunately, most men are acceptable in this department but you still want to look for seasonal buttons, fickle hues, or anything else that doesn’t allow for an easy transition into the varying seasons. Some men prefer to purchase a black or navy coat for fall and winter and then opt for a tan version for warmer weather.
  • Choose a Casual coat that is wrinkle-free and stain free resistant- Many men are not known for being devoted to their ironing board, and chances are your coat that can go longer between washing1480454229.jpg.jpg.


Tips for wearing

Casual coats are a great choice if one has an important job interview where you aren’t sure how to dress. There are neutral and inoffensive, that shows you care without trying to overly impress. Since they usually come in a dark or muted color, they are likely to complement other pieces of your wardrobe.

Have a pair of thecoat with slacks for work and jeans for an evening out, and you’ve got the whole day covered.

Men’s Blazers

A coat of choice of the British Navy in the early nineteenth century, the blazer exploded onto the scene after British royalty gave their approval of the garment in 1837.

Today, there are many varieties of the men’s blazer coat due to the way it highlights a man’s build. It is one of the most versatile coat one can own.

Most Common Fabrics Used for the Blazers

Fabrics play the most crucial role in the differentiation of the blazer compared to the suit and Casual coat.

The main fabrics used for the blazer are:

  • Worsted Wool: Easy to find
  • Serge: Clear finished, and has been a staple fabric in military uniforms for many years.
  • Cashmere: The fabric is soft and luxurious.
  • Flannel: This fabric is created from wool and cotton, it is soft weave usually woven in twill.
  • Fresco: It a rare fabric, and comes from multiple yarns in wool, created in a plain weave.

There are common types of blazers as listed below:

  1. 2-Button Single Breasted: it is possibly the most versatile piece one can own.
  2. 3-Button Single Breasted: This type of Blazers are slowly gaining acceptance I menswear to compete with its two- button counterpart.
  • 6-Button Double Breasted: They are synonymous with formal wear and will generally find peaked lapels in blazers over the notched variety.

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