Characteristics of a Quality Good Summer Suit

With summer fast approaching it is time to get a summer suit that will help you stand out in the crowd in all the social events that occur this summer. The lightness of the fabrics is the number one feature to consider when picking a men’s Linen suit, mainly because of the warm weather.

What are the characteristics of a quality good summer suit?

  1. Summer suits should be light weight fabric. Modern high-quality fabrics like the linen suits have a beautiful finish and although the drape is not perfect, however, Even if the drape on a linen suit is not perfect, they are still the best to choose when it come to men’s summer suits.
  2. Summer suits should be tropical worsted wool (summer standard); the best summer fabric is tropical. The weave worsted wool fabric is softer than Fresco fabrics and also breathable allowing air circulation within the suit to ensure you stay cool on a hot summer day.
  3. Summer suits can have patterns Help; the more open the weave the more patterned the fabric should be kept from being see-through fabric. Bear in mind that lightly colored suits are better for the summer than darker ones. This is because Light-colored clothing and suitsreflect the sunlight thus don’t retain the sun heat whereas dark cloth and suit absorb the sun heat hence making feel warmer.
  4. The summer suits should have High breathability: Due to hot weathers, it is a good feature if you allow a lot of air circulation with every breeze coming its way. And the best way to do so is to get a summer suit with an open-weave fabric. Loosely woven basket weave fabric is usually popular in summer and achieves the desired cooling effect.


There are different types of summer suits which include:

  1. Linen suits for summer

This is a classic summer fabric because of its light weight, open weave and has a casual fabric structure. Linen is a little coarser than fine merino wool or cotton fibers and wrinkles graciously. For example after a day wearing a linen suit, you will notice one appears dapper, although some people like nonchalant look during the summer.

At we recommend linen suits for as the perfect summer suit, which isideally suited for a vacation or casual events but a bad choice for office wear on a hot summer day.

A linen suit is available in a variety of different suit colors. The most popular ones include: Tobacco Brown, Beige or Khaki tones

  1. Summer cotton suits

For many men cotton is the default choice for summer but there are a lot of cotton on the world market and huge differences in terms of fiber length and thickness. In most summer suits the weave of the suit’s fabric is important. Light cotton fabric suits can also make ideal summer suits because cotton absorbs the moisture from your body keeping you dry and comfortable.

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